Payment Options
We are excited to offer this year 3 payment options for Family Reunion Dues:
  1. Check or money order payable to GTFR.  Please mail your registration and T-shirt order forms along with your payments to:
Preston Thomas
13 Colonial Drive
Monroe, LA 71203
  1. Zelle Payments*
Zelle is an easy way to send money between almost any US bank account for free. With just an email account or mobile phone number you are able to setup recurring payments (weekly, biweekly, monthly) to cover your family reunion dues

Step 1:    Enroll with Zelle using your mobile bank account or download the app on your smartphone  (Follow the app instructions)
Step 2:   Schedule payments to be sent to:
               Preston Thomas
               Mobile#:  (318) 547-1871

Step 3:    Choose the payment amount
Step 4:    Select the recurring payment option (optional)
Step 5:    Select the recurring payment cycle (eg. weekly, bimonthly monthly) and payment date (Optional)
  1. PayPal payments** should be directed to:
Payee:  Preston Thomas
Mobile#:  (318) 547-1871
Do not forget to register and submit your T-shirt order online at  or via mail using the enclosed paper forms.

*      All Zelle and PayPal payments will be deposited directly into the GTFR checking account at Chase Bank.  Each payment deposited is logged with your unique identifier (ie. Name, mobile phone#, etc), which will make payment reconciliation a snap.
**   Credit card payments are no longer available via the Family Reunion website.  Please use PayPal’s credit card option if this is your preferred payment option.