Check the list below to see who you know that’s coming to the 2018 family reunion. Also, we want to see your name on this list, so head on over to the RSVP Page and RSVP so that your name is added to this list.
We look forward to seeing you in July!
Guest RSVP'd
Baby MK
Michael Thomas
Zaylen Thomas
Geraldine T Sweezer
Rhea Fluker
Landi Watson
Amy Thomas
Amyra Thomas
Trinity Thomas
Benjamin Jefferson
Joseph Jefferson
Marcus Jefferson
Michelle Jefferson
Naomi Jefferson
Branson Jones
Brandon Jones, Sr.
Lucinda Coleman
Kortny McCarter
Alexander Grigsby
Shawana Grigsby
Michael Blunt
Charles Wilford
Rosetta Jones
Lisa Harris
Tashika Harris
Roosevelt Harris, Jr.
Avery Lytle
Samantha Watson
Thomas Watson
Benjamin Thomas
Preston Thomas
Sharon Thomas
Preston Thomas Jr
Samantha Clegg
Trenton Harper
Nicheryl Knibb
RJ Knibb
Robert Knibb
Lyndon Stephenson
Patricia Carrington-Mims
Janett Lewis
Ray Lewis
LaTrel Watson
Tierra Watson
Latrice Smith-Varner
Caitlin Varner
Jaslyn Varner
Javon Varner
Jaxen Varner
Jordyn Sweezer
Michelle Sweezer
Jerry Sweezer IV
Jerry Sweezer, III
Alana Sims
Clem Webb
Harrison Thomas Jr.
Louisa Taylor
Joy Ridley
Sarah Thomas
Melody Moore
Ronald Palmer
Jordyn Roberts
Morgan Roberts
Gene Watson
Alicia Thomas
Phillip Thomas
Loretta Sims
Marvin D. Sims
Alvin Watson
Genevieve Watson
Kimberly Lewis
Jerry And Geraldine Sweezer Jr
Adrienne Mingo
Martin Thomas
Total 75